what is eastercamp?


Eastercamp is a massive Christian youth camp held just out of Christchurch over the Easter holiday weekend. It's you + your mates, oh and 3,000 others from around the country; all ready to have the best days of their lives!

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There's heaps of slightly crazy activities to get stuck into, chilled-out relaxing things to do, delicious food, bands, sports, movies, jet boating, inflatable activities, a ferris wheel, thought provoking workshops, coffee, toasties, pies, comps, mean-as live video and the list goes on; plus loads of awesome people to hang out with.

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You’ll also hear some pretty onto it speakers who'll give you sweet insights into what Easter is really about and a fresh look into the face of God as one who is alive and active in bringing colour, life, hope, forgiveness, love, restoration, justice and mercy to the whole world, to everyone and everything in it.

If you're after a full-on high-energy weekend raving/dancing/shuffling with our village stage parties or a chilled out vibe, crafts, movies, cafes we got it all!