what do i bring?!


Your registration fee covers food and drinks, activities, entertainment, sports challenges, competitions, security and a good time. The rest is up to you.

Some options are available if you have special food requirements, more info here.

Your youth group may also provide a community area with tents, hot water, drinks, some food and a place to hangout. Best to check with your leaders.

You can get the following list from the downloads page.


  • Bedding: Warm sleeping bag, pillow and a mattress or bed-roll or lilo. Extras blankets maybe.

  • Warm clothes: Puffer Jacket, Polypro, Beanie, Gloves.

  • Water Proofs: Rain Jacket/leggings, Gumboots or Umbrella.

  • Plates / cup / knife / fork / spoon / tea-towel / bag for dishes (food is provided!).

  • Soap, deodorant, sunblock, hand sanitizer.

  • A tent: or a place in one. Talk to your youth leader if this is a problem.

  • Essential medications: e.g. inhalers, allergy remedies, regular medications.

  • A torch: extremely handy in the dark.

  • Your friends: as many as you want, bring'em on.


  • Spare Footwear: Old Shoes (sturdy footwear will be needed for some activities), Jandals, Gumboots or Tiger striped Slippers even.

  • Old Clothes/Swimwear: Some activities you might get messy or wet in.

  • Earplugs: for noisy sleepers or bands on the Village Stage.

  • Spending Money: for cafes, some activities, merch, etc.

  • Musical instruments: for workshops and Village Stage jams.

  • Sports Gear: Rugby/Soccer/Net/Basket/Beach/Ping Pong Balls, frisbees, stilts, Unicycles, Skateboards (there's a few ramps around). Talk with your youth leader first as they will be bringing some stuff.


  • High Value items: like iPods/iPhones/iPads, cellphones, smartphones, expensive cameras, laptops, computers etc

  • Cigarettes/Tobacco/Lighters/Matches: Fire is banned all over the EC campsite. Give your lungs a break for the weekend, but if you're really addicted there is a designated smokers tree near the admin block.


This is the stuff that might get you sent home (at your own expense) in the back of a police car if you get caught with it at camp. 

  • Alcohol: like beer, wine, shots and tui-mato Sauce.

  • All illegal/iffy Drugs: Party pills, Marijuana, Suspicious Powders, "Tomato Plants" etc

  • Drug taking paraphernalia

  • Weapons: includes firearms, explosives, slingshots, knives, dangerous chemicals

  • Gang related colours or insignia.

  • Bikes: it’ll get stolen and munted, plus there’s not enough space to be larking around on a bike.

  • Bad Behaviour: any form of bullying, harassment, fighting, discrimination or theft etc.. will NOT be tolerated.

NoteCYS are not responsible for ANY loss or damage of personal property. You are!

Make sure you name all your gear!

If you do loose something at camp let us know ASAP. More information here.