Eastercamp Cancellation Refund, Terms and Conditions

The following information outlines the terms and conditions of the Eastercamp Cancellation Refund option.  If you choose to purchase this option you agree to a further $25 being added to your registration cost.

What is covered:

1.     If Eastercamp Organisers, Canterbury Youth Services (“CYS”), cancel Eastercamp you will receive a refund, or proportionate refund, of your paid fee.  “Paid fee” is the fee paid by you, or someone on your behalf, for you to attend Eastercamp.

2.     The decision to cancel Eastercamp will be made solely at the discretion of CYS.  The decision to cancel will be made if CYS considers it is too dangerous or it would be considered irresponsible for Eastercamp to start or continue.  Dangerous circumstances include, but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions that put the safety of campers at serious risk.  

What you get if CYS cancels Eastercamp:

3.     If CYS cancels Eastercamp the amount of your refund will be calculated based on: the day that Eastercamp is cancelled and the amount of your paid fee, as set out the table below. The totals below are less the $10 excess:

Day of Cancellation Early Bird paid fee Standard registration paid fee
Cancellation on (or before) Thursday $179 $189
Cancellation on Friday $135 $142
Cancellation on Saturday $89 $95
Cancellation on Sunday $36 $38

Please note that if you received funding from fundraising with your youth group, it is your responsibility to pay your funding back to the other party.

What is not covered:

4.     You are not covered:

a.     For your excess. If CYS refunds you your paid fee, or a proportion of your paid fee, CYS will deduct an excess of $10 per paid fee.
b.     If, for any reason, you change your mind and decide not to attend Eastercamp.
c.     If you get sick and cannot attend Eastercamp.
d.     If you are prevented from attending Eastercamp for whatever reason.
For example the bus your youth group was to arrive on breaks down, or weather prevents you from travelling to Eastercamp.
e.     If Eastercamp cannot proceed because of war, nuclear attacks, terrorism, threats or other civil commotion.
f.      If the start of Eastercamp is postponed to Friday morning.
g.     If CYS changes the venue of Eastercamp.  CYS reserves the right to change venues and use contingency plans to run the event at another location. CYS will only do this after it has communicated the change of plans to campers.

Note: Event cancellation refund is non-refundable. 

This offer is not available after Friday 5th April 5pm