Listen up


To protect everyone and everything at EC we keep it to 5 simple practical rules:

  • No alcohol, drugs or weapons.
  • No fires. Smoking is only permitted in designated area.
  • Don't leave the campsite without a pre-arranged leave pass.
  • Don't interfere with other people’s gear.
  • No sexy-times outside of marriage.


If you break the rules you could be on your way home one way or another. It goes without saying verbal and physical assaults are unacceptable anytime. So, any dodgy behaviour won’t be tolerated. Kapiesh?

Remember, if you do something illegal, our friendly Police will get involved. If you're from out of Christchurch and we need to send you by bus/plane, you'll be paying the bill for that too (it's been done!) If you're under 18 we'll contact your folks first.

We hope this doesn't happen but it's good to know about.